Going Paperless without changing the workflow

Paperless Electronic Workflow However, there is good news for you to implement this electronic workflow into your department easily.


Going Paperless is one of the slogans that you could find today. This particular slogan asks you to save more paper by moving all of your paper documents into a digital one. As you probably know, there are so many applications at this time that could help you to do just that, moving your paper documents into digital documents.

On one side, this is a smart move because it could save more papers that you don’t need. If you’re an office employee, you could move your paper documents into the digital ones, and share it easily with your colleagues just by attach it into your email. No more printing needed, no more papers to waste.

This electronic workflow could make the working process faster, accessible, and requires no additional room to keep the papers achieved. Other added benefit is that this workflow is environment-friendly.

On the other side, not all people as ready as you are to migrate to the paperless era. Most people still prefers to use paper because it gives the feeling of having something physical. Also, not all office employees are trained to this type of workflow. They tend to print some documents just for the sake of achieved it than copy it to a CD/DVD to save more space and money. This workflow also needs lots of time to implement and endless effort from the companies to train their workers.

Paperless Electronic Workflow However, there is good news for you to implement this electronic workflow into your department easily. Have you ever heard of Serial Printer Logger? This software will captures all data from up to 255 serial printers in your office, and automatically printed all documents in RTF or PDF format. With this printing choice, you don’t have to worry whether your employee “slipped” to print the documents on paper or not.

This is a very wise choice for you if you’re an office manager and the company you worked for asked you to implement this electronic workflow into your department. You don’t have to train your employee the hard way. Just installed this software in your department and it will take care of all printing activities in your office. The best of all, this type of software are widely available in marketplace, which doesn’t cost a huge burden even for an Enterprise Edition, thus saving you more money and time.

With this software, you could also setup storage for all documents that you’ve printed, and categorized it to make it easier to retrieve.

So, what are you waiting for? Improve the workflow in your company by Going Paperless and get rid of the paper things that cluttered your desk by using the Serial Printer Logger software!