Top Merits Power Wheelchairs Revealed by Electric Wheelchairs USA

Merits Health Products is a quality provider of both power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Merits are manufacturers of quality and reliable power wheelchairs that are designed and engineered for people who have various mobility needs.


Merits is a recognized brand all around the world and is a premium supplier of healthcare products as well as mobility equipment. Their brand is synonymous with a better quality of life, and this is evident in how many customers are repeat buyers.

Merits Health Products was founded in 1987 in Taichung, Taiwan, and 10 years after, it established its US branch in Southwest Florida.

They make sure to employ some of the best engineers in the industry, ensuring that both their power wheelchairs and mobility scooters are engineered and built to precision. Their manufacturing facilities are state of the art, ensuring that they only create the best.

Merits Health Products have multiple warehouses, in places like Santa Fe Springs and Cape Coral, with enough coverage to ensure that you receive your products in time.

They have pledged for many years that they will always have fair and competitive pricing, in order to ensure that their customers receive the best product at the best price.

They also train and educate their employees in order to ensure that they are happy. With amazing employee retention statistics, you’d be happy to continue shopping with them.

The Top Merits Power Wheelchairs

1. Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Bariatric Chair

2. Merits Health P312 FWD/RWD Dualer Power Chair

3. Merits Health P322 Vision CF Compact Electric Wheelchair

4. Merits Health P183 Travel-Ease Folding Electric Wheelchair

5. Merits Health P301 Gemini Rear Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair

6. Merits Health P710 Atlantis Heavy-Duty Electric Power Wheelchair

7. Merits Health P181 Travel-Ease Bariatric Folding Power Chair

8. Merits Health P321 EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe Compact Electric Wheelchair

9. Merits Health P101 Travel-Ease Electric Folding Power Chair

10.  P3Merits Health10 Regal Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair

Electric Wheelchairs USA hopes that the review of these Merits Health Products will help you choose the best power wheelchair for your use from this popular electric wheelchair brand. Please feel free to let them know if you have any questions or if you feel we need to add more of these types of articles to their site.

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